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Cours de perfectionnement

For 5 years, Hayal has been running this course for dancers wishing to deepen oriental technique.

Où ?

Infinity Danse Vaise

6 Impasse du Beal, 69009 Vaise  Lyon

Quand ?

2 samedis par mois

14h 30 à 16h 30


16h 30 à 17h 30

Quel niveau?

Niveau intermédiaire minimun

Photo d'Hayal

What to expect in these courses?

Hayal's method is 

- Understand the origin of movements and the muscles used. 


- Work on the coordination of the arms and the pelvis with choreographies using various styles

- Develop musical listening

- Knowing how to use your supports and positions to find your balance

Do you want a private lesson?

Do you want a custom choreography? Are you stuck on technical aspects? Deepen the points you desire under Hayal's lynx eye. 

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